When people think of touching up their houses, they commonly change their living rooms, bedrooms, or even their kitchens. Not many will prioritize redesigning their bathrooms.

Bathrooms are one of the places where homeowners start and finish their days. It’s where they go wash up to wake themselves up in the morning, and clean themselves before preparing for bed in the evening. Additionally, bathrooms are where people typically like to feel most vulnerable besides their bedrooms.

Yet despite these significances, these areas are one of the most overlooked spaces when homeowners plan for renovations. After all, typically, the smallest room in the house shouldn’t pose much importance, and changing its layout shouldn’t make much difference in its function. However, homeowners seem to overlook that when guests come over, they can’t not use their bathrooms, and it’s one of the rooms that offer these people comfort. Hence, if you don’t want to mortify your guests and hope to give them an overall great experience while visiting your house, here’s what you can consider when it comes to bathroom renovations.

In Preparation for the Renovation

Before planning on how you want your new bathroom to look, you need to circle back to what you currently have. Look into how much space and the reusable fixtures your initial canvas has, and build an idea around that. Remember to base your plans and budget around what you currently have. It will be tricky working on an idea that’s too much to actualize.

Plan Your Layout

If you dislike how your bathroom is currently laid out and have been itching to change it, don’t hesitate to change your more suitable layout. However, also note that how your bathroom is arranged shouldn’t just depend on your liking.

A bathroom isn’t one just for aesthetics instead of for functionality. One way of doing this is by considering your daily routine. What do you typically do, or what do you wish you could do in your bathroom? Some people only use their bathrooms for quick showers. Hence they’re okay with the simple shower and sink. Others like to take long, relaxing baths and look pretty through their skincare routines or makeups. People like this have huge vanity mirrors inside their bathrooms. By knowing what a bathroom stands for in your routine, you can better plan what to do with your space.

Another way to ensure your bathroom is practical is through its usable space. You can lay out your fixtures in any way, but make sure you aren’t limiting your space. A bathroom needs to be functional – that’s pretty obvious. But more furniture doesn’t necessarily lead to better functionality.

Choose Your Bathing Style

A bathroom wouldn’t be a bathroom without your means of bathing. Are you more of a shower person, a bathtub person, or do you prefer to have both? Choosing between these again depends on your preference and your daily routine. Whatever you choose, you need to ensure that you aren’t compensating for your space. If you have a smaller bathroom, maybe think twice before purchasing or installing a bathtub. And if you have ample space for any, ensure that you won’t always have to deal with the mess every time you take a bath. For instance, if you purchase a freestanding bathtub, you need to be extra careful about water pouring out. A way to handle this is by installing a circle around your tub to add curtains and avoid spilling.

Address Your Storage Needs

While bathrooms are typically the place for bathing, you still need storage space to keep your things and supplies. Do you need a cabinet to store your shampoos and soaps? Hooks to hang your towels? Think of how much storage you wish to have in your bathroom. This way, you will be able to utilize available nooks to install shelves and look for fixtures with built-in cabinets for extra storage.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

On average, the total cost of a renovation ranges from 10 to 25 thousand, depending on how much work you’ll be doing. In Canada, for instance, the estimated cost starts at 13,000 for subtle changes only. It may look too much for a small space, but consider this an investment. This amount will reflect on how comfortable your bathroom will become and can likewise increase the value of your house. Depending on how much you’re planning to renovate, you may be able to do it on your own or hire a renovation company to do it for you. Either way, thoroughly planning before executing any changes will help you save some money.

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