The kitchen is where “everything” is happening. It is a place to enjoy cooking and eating and gather and bond with family and friends.

People say that the “heart of the home” is the kitchen. It is where incredible meals are cooked, intimate conversations take place, and the favorite hang-out in a house for people of all ages. More than just producing those mouthwatering, delicious, and savory dishes, a kitchen is a versatile and forever evolving space for cooking, eating, gathering, entertaining, and even something as practical as a place for storage. So, if there’s one part of the house that needs the utmost attention when it comes to renovation or remodeling, it is the kitchen area!

Phinesse Construction Group is the go-to construction firm specializing in multi-room remodeling, legal basement renovation, kitchen renovation, and accessibility modifications in Ontario, Canada. Kitchens are one of the significant components of a homeowner’s dream house. With the motto “Make it right for you,” Phinesse Construction Group is the right partner in leveling up that kitchen design. Their professional staff can help their clients decide on the best kitchen concept that meets their kitchen needs and lifestyle. After all, the kitchen is at the very core of every house, and no home is complete without it. 

Why the need for kitchen remodeling?

There are many reasons why a kitchen needs to be remodeled. A kitchen must be inviting, an area of the house that can draw people in to cook, eat, or simply gather. Before even tearing down the walls and rearranging appliances and furniture, it’s best to know the need or reason behind remodeling a kitchen. Check out the top reasons below. 

Improve functionality

A kitchen needs to be all-around functional, practical, and convenient. A cook cannot come up with an excellent meal in a cramped space, nor can they cook effortlessly if the kitchen utensils are more than an arm’s and foot’s length away from them. Or, if the kitchen lighting is terrible, the food pantry storage is away, and other storage organizers are not conveniently near enough. Worse case, there’s no proper ventilation throughout the kitchen area! Just imagine all those smoke odors spreading throughout the other parts of the house because there’s no kitchen exhaust fan or stove hood.

Fit the aesthetic needs

Another reason for a kitchen look upgrade is for aesthetic quality. A dull-looking kitchen with counters that badly need fixing and drywalls peeling from the ceiling is an uninspiring set-up for cooking. The person in charge of cooking will fry up something for a meal, then scuttle out of the kitchen fast. Another form of aesthetic value can be lifestyle needs. Is the cook in the home into baking and creating sumptuous meals? Then the kitchen space might need to be large enough for more room movement for baking, meal placement, a bigger gas range oven, and a more comprehensive selection of kitchen tools and utensils. Or, is the house owner always on the go and isn’t much of a cook? Then a smaller space, yet functional, would be the proper fit. 


Kitchen cost-efficiency typically refers to savings regarding energy and water costs, which is another reason homeowners go for a kitchen renovation. Big and outdated appliances are the most significant energy-consuming equipment that needs to be replaced. Old and rusty pipes tend to water leak. Hence, they need to be also replaced. Or, using natural light coming from the windows instead of lightbulbs is an excellent energy-saver idea.

Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

A kitchen is what makes a home come into a full circle. So it adds up that homeowners would invest more time and energy sprucing up their kitchen to make it more aesthetically inviting and practical. Below are some ideas to level up kitchen interiors and make every single cent invested in it worth it! 

It’s all about the cabinets

Cabinets are the ultimate must-have for kitchens. Remodeling cabinets is an excellent booster for a kitchen’s functionality. Plus, they also increase the overall value of the entire house. Cabinets provide the storage space requirements and enhance the visual appeal of kitchens. One popular kitchen cabinet design is the glass-front cabinets. Glass displays offer an appealing, striking contrast to neutrally designed interiors. Aside from that, anyone who’s in the kitchen can easily see what’s inside and plan their kitchen use conveniently. A nice touch is installing lights inside the glass display; this can also help play up the lights in the kitchen. 

Aiming for the minimalist look? The flat-front cabinet is the best way to go. Some of the distinctive features of this type of cabinet are the absence of any indication of a knob, straight, sleek, clean lines, angles, and lack of any other intricate detail that’s telling of its presence. Flat-front cabinets are easier to maintain, clean, and less expensive compared to the rest of the cabinet types. 

Open shelving 

The open shelving kitchen concept has been around for years, but it’s something that will never go out of style. Versatile and flexible, open shelves can be put up in any kitchen corner or can even be used as a design concept in other parts of the house. The ease of use is excellent about open shelving; there’s no door getting in the way, and everything is easily within arm’s reach. It’s budget-friendly, enhances the kitchen’s charm, or can also be used as a shelve for ornaments or collector’s items.

Backsplash Tile

For a functional purpose, backsplash tiles protect the wall, usually behind the sink or a stove, against water, oil, or sauce splashes. They’re easy to clean, protect the wall behind from moisture or heat damage, and are easy to install and replace. These tiles can also increase the home value and helps to enhance the interior décor.  

Eye-catching kitchen island and countertops

The kitchen island and countertops can significantly impact the whole kitchen vibes. Put away rounded center kitchen tables and install an island instead. Kitchen islands can be used for more than an aesthetic seating arrangement plan. This concept creates more counter space for appliances and cooking preparation and additional storage for cooking tools, utensils, and other specialty tools.   

Countertops come in laminated stainless steel, concrete, solid surface, and quartz. Quartz countertops are the most recommended among them because, not only for their luxurious finishing and natural attractiveness, quartz countertops are also the most durable. They won’t crack easily, are easy to clean, and are more stain-resistant than other countertop surfaces. 

Out with the old, in with the new. Bringing in most of the foot traffic in a home, kitchens are the top contender for renovation. Start investing in a more visually appealing, functional, healthier, and comfortable kitchen area. Because a kitchen is more than just a cooking place; it’s the heart of every home. 

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