Kitchen renovations are some of the most satisfying and exciting work to do within the house. But with one wrong move, everything can go downhill. here are some things to avoid when renovating your kitchen.

It’s given that living rooms and bedrooms are the most commonly used places within the house. People often spend their time resting and relaxing when they aren’t at work or in school, which is where they’re at for eight to nine hours. After their work or school hours, they return home with the need to rest and relax. And what better space at home can provide this than these rooms?

However, when they don’t need the time to get rested, people will also seek to satisfy another necessity: eating. Eating will always be a priority regardless of people’s interests and hobbies. Even if they aren’t much of a foodie or a cook and simply like hanging out with friends over a cup of tea or some snacks, kitchens are that section of the house that receives the most visits. This may also be attributed to how modern kitchen layouts are. They are more than just a space for dining now, with most homeowners considering and providing spaces meant for lounging and chilling out.

With its multi-purpose feature, it’s no wonder when homeowners are considering enhancing their houses, kitchens are often the typical subjects.

Kitchen Renovation

Tweaking something about how spaces initially look will always be an exciting decision. It’s more than knocking down wood and changing wall colors. Instead, it’s about changing the whole essence and atmosphere of the room. With its numerous appliances and potential, the kitchen has so much space and design to play around with. Renovating your kitchen also mean upgrading the quality of your home.

Yet, with numerous possibilities come numerous chances of failure. While it’s a fun little project to invest in, renovation still includes complex processes with components and details homeowners can easily overlook. For kitchen renovation to be successful, every detail should be considered closely. Mistaking one thing can be a hit or miss. It can be swept under the rug, something that won’t stand out much to catch attention. But often, this could take the whole project down.

To ensure the process is successful, here are common renovation mistakes to avoid.

Failure to Plan

Sometimes, people want to be risky though this often results in mistakes and frustration. They want to feel that they have ample freedom to change their minds mid-renovation or that their designs aren’t limited to what they’ve planned. However, it doesn’t take a genius to know that every renovation project needs a thorough plan beforehand.

How wide should the aisles be? Where should the stove and sink be located? What about the outlets and cabinets? Where should they be placed to maximize the space? These are some of the common questions homeowners should consider before they start hammering away. Having a goal and vision should be every homeowner’s starting position when renovating. This means more than creating a pretty layout where every appliance is placed. Instead, this means looking into the future and identifying how the kitchen matches possible lifestyle changes.

Prioritizing Wrong Items

As with every space, measurements matter to avoid breaking an installment and making the area look off or unbalanced. An easy way to avoid having the kitchen look lopsided is by choosing appliances before installing cabinetries. This way, homeowners can make sure items perfectly fit within the cabinetry and spaces available. Even an inch of a gap can make a difference and create an off-putting appeal throughout the room.

To ensure the kitchen has a smooth and equal appearance, it’s also essential to know the proper installation order. Cabinets should be installed first before the floors. This decreases the risks of damaging the floor and the instances of peaking and cupping by allowing them the ability to expand and contract. If homeowners commit the mistake of putting cabinets on top of floors, they will encounter several problems in the future, such as the floor getting damaged. Make sure to consult experts such as the Phinesse Construction Group when renovating your kitchen.

Ignoring the Kitchen Triangle

Regarding kitchen layouts, an ideal design should follow the chef’s triangle. This keeps the key and primary appliances – the stove, sink, and refrigerator – close to each other, maximizing functionality. These items should be placed within a few feet of each other, so homeowners can work around them smoothly and efficiently, cutting down unnecessary steps.

From a beginner’s and a non-professional’s perspective, kitchen renovations can be a lot of work, requiring numerous details to remember and consider. However, with the help of companies like Phinesse Construction Group offering kitchen renovation in Ontario, renovations will progress smoothly and will pose a lesser burden for homeowners.




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