Not an easy decision to make, but one that homeowners would eventually have to face. Which is better, to build or to renovate?

One subject always brought up as a point of contention for homeowners is whether they should build a new house or renovate their old home. To build or simply remodel or renovate? Of course, a lot of thought process goes into place before coming up with a decision since this is, after all, a major decision. It is a commitment and an investment that should not be taken for granted. That’s why whatever decision a person decides, whether to build or to remodel, Phinesse Construction Group will always be there to provide for the construction needs that come with building or renovating. Phinesse Construction Group is an Ontario-based company that offers services such as multi-room remodeling, accessibility modifications, and legal basement renovations in Ontario services, with a client-based motto that goes, “Make your home right for you.”

Why should people choose to build a house over renovating?

Or, why should people opt to buy a new home instead of renovating their old house? There are a lot of pros and cons to building a house from scratch or buying a new house. But at the end of the day, it all depends upon the person’s desire of what a dream house for them looks like.

The Pros

Perhaps the top advantage of having an entirely new house right up from scratch is its newness. Who doesn’t love the smell of brand new stuff, let alone an overall brand new house? The smell of the fresh paint, the empty space that’s waiting to be filled, and the freedom and the advantage of being the first person to have a personal touch on it are enough to send anyone up to cloud nine!

Another pro to buying or building a new home is that the homeowner is the first user of almost everything that comes with the house. There are no signs of wear and tear, and there’s the excitement of enjoying the fully-functioning equipment and household items. Everything is new, new, new! And this includes heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, and even the air filtration system.

The Cons

There’s a downside to buying or building a new house versus renovating. For one thing, the homeowner has to start from a literally clean slate. There’s the inconvenience of securing permits and documentation, plus new house costs are skyrocketing, especially during COVID-19! And there’s that unavoidable hump along the way that cannot be avoided – the mortgage. The cons of an overall new home are that more extended timeframe period and the tendency to increase prices, even during the construction phase.

Why should people choose to renovate a house over buying or building a new house?

Is renovating a house a better option? Just putting things into the proper perspective, a home renovation means simply making changes or improvements to an existing home. Note that house renovation could come in the form of a person renovating their current homes or people buying old houses up for sale on the market and renovating or upgrading them.

So, what are the upsides and downsides to home renovation?

The Pros

One of the advantages of maintaining and just renovating an existing house, especially if it’s a personal house, is purely for sentimental reasons. People who choose this method of house upgrading want to live in a home full of their family memories, or people who want to preserve the house the way it was initially. This is particularly true for ancestral houses. Instead of adapting to modern technology and modern interior designs, owners maintain their house’s touch of vintage, repairing only what needs to be fixed but retaining the overall classic ancestral appeal of the home.

Renovating costs less than buying a new home or building one from scratch. A home upgrade typically requires just a fixer-upper for safety reasons unless a full-blown overhaul is necessary for an overall damaged, rundown akin to an abandoned house.

The Cons

If a house is a total rundown, the price for renovating it might be a bit steep, especially when almost everything and anything in it needs to be replaced. There’s the roofing that needs to be updated, paint job, electrical and plumbing, etc. There’s also the question of the house’s structural integrity if the house’s foundation can still stand the changing weather and climate.

There’s also the style and design challenge when it comes to renovation. Since it is already an existing structure, the style and design have to fit into the structure’s existing features. And old homes usually would take consistent and regular maintenance and added expense that most people would not want!

These are some of the considerations that need to be thought through carefully whether to go for building or buying a new house or renovate an existing one. It’s not an easy decision, but a decision that homeowners have to definitely make sooner or later. So, to build or to renovate – what do you think, homeowners?

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