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If you’ve considered adding a threshold ramp around your vicinity, Phinesse Construction Group is the perfect company for you. Offering accessibility modifications in Ontario, Canada, this company can help provide ease of movement for anyone in need.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) documents that 61 million US adults live with disabilities. This number reflects how many people need access to healthcare providers and assistance for mobility problems. This quantity should also indicate society’s need to be considerate of these people to provide them with more accessible means of movement.

However, look around.

How many buildings do you encounter that provide this ease?


People With mobility problems

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines “disability” as the mental or physical impairment that substantially limits an individual from enjoying activities in life. Whether it’s caused by injury, medical conditions, or disease, disabilities affect 26% of the US population. This means 26% of Americans are suffering and may not be given enough consideration and assistance regarding moving around places.

For people with physical disabilities, moving around is a massive barrier. It may seem easy for the unaffected population, a privilege they enjoy but often take for granted. But it presents serious problems for people suffering from disabilities. This is primarily because their needs may not be considered when designing societal features. Most places still aren’t equipped to assist and provide these people comfort and support, despite the evident lack of.

Disabilities may only directly affect some people, but they should impact everyone. Impact in a sense that everyone should ensure these people get all the needs they can to live a more comfortable life. Their disabilities shouldn’t limit how much of the world they experience.


Accessibility for This Population

Society can do one thing to alleviate their suffering, and that’s through accessibility modifications that provide more equitable access for people with disabilities. Instead of constantly asking them to adjust and seek another person’s help for their mobility problems, accessibility can be achieved with new construction and devices. This process makes society safer and better fitted to people’s needs.

One of the biggest hurdles people with disability encounter has something to do with entering or exiting buildings. Typically, buildings have steps or thresholds as common means of entry, requiring people to step over to join. For ordinary people, this is an effortless task to do. But for those with disabilities, this can be a massive stumbling block (quite literally). Regardless of quantity, stoops limit movement for people who use wheelchairs, scooters, or other mobility devices, limiting their independence as they would need another person to help them over these structures.

Fortunately, this problem can be addressed with mobility aids such as threshold ramps.


Threshold Ramps and Their Benefits

Threshold ramps are small tools that provide the inclination to make entrances accessible for mobility devices. These provide easy navigation through doorways, curbs, and other pathways with stoops and thresholds. While these devices may seem insignificant given their portability, they make surfaces and traveling simple and safe for devices to cross over.

Ramps are relatively easy to build or install in establishments, making them the top choice for additional accessories to assist with ease. Accessibility modifications in Ontario Canada are available through Phinesse Construction Group, a company helping people with disabilities or concerned establishment owners make necessary space adjustments. Among the services they offer are threshold decks and ramps designing and installation. They work with clients to assess and determine what modifications are required for specific needs.


But Why Threshold Ramps?

With entry and crossing over thresholds one of the leading mobility problems, why should establishments consider installing these devices? Why can’t they settle with physical and personal assistance?



The most affected aspect of life influenced by disabilities is autonomy. With disabilities limiting one’s movements, disabling them from doing almost any task or going anywhere without anyone assisting them, people with disabilities almost have no time alone. This gives them no opportunity to care for themselves and develop the strength and ability to do so alone. Fewer chances to practice independence also decrease happiness, preventing people from developing a sense of self-identity and purpose.


Easy Access and Installation

With numerous companies like Phinesse Construction Group offering ramp designs and installation, threshold ramps are an easy addition to any space. This device can come in various lengths and sizes, allowing it to be constructed over exact space demands without requiring high craftsmanship and customization. As threshold ramps are simply inclination tools, their installation doesn’t require much work. With a simple process, establishments can provide easy access to anyone in need.


No Permanent Changes

A common concern for homeowners facing possible structure changes is the house’s value. Fortunately, threshold ramps don’t need any permanent changes. They can be easily removed as quickly as they’re installed. These devices are considered temporary structures, requiring no unnecessary procedures done to the house. This means adding ramps to the home doesn’t affect houses’ values.


Take the Step. Remove a Step

If you believe a threshold ramp can benefit anybody in your family or your customers, take the first step to solve mobility problems now! Contact Phinesse Construction Group to get an initial assessment of what mobility aid can benefit your space the most. Call today and create an easier life for others.

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